Dads with Babies: Near and Far

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Father, Pére, Baba, Yebba, Tata, Daddy, Pop, Tatay, Padre

Happy Father's Day to all of the above, as well as the uncles, grandfathers and all the other men who take care of the babies in their lives.

Speaking of which, we hope you will  enjoy these photos of some devoted dads with their beautiful babies.

Dads and Babies: From New York to Laos to Cuba and back again

Photos: Robin Alpert Hayes

Baby Ariella and Dad, Upstate New York

Baby Kate and Dad in Upstate New York on a sunny day

Baby Kim and Lar in Northern Laos

Baby Celia and Dad in Havana, Cuba

Baby Antoni and his Dad--Havana, CubaBaby Lanah on her first birthday and Dad Jason in Upstate New YorkBaby Anay and Dad in Upstate New York

Baby Forrest and Dad in Upstate New York

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