What is the best way to take care of my Lucky Bug clothing?

We recommend washing your bamboo clothing inside out in cold water. Very hot water can cause shrinking in bamboo. Hang dry them, air dry them flat or throw them in the dryer on low heat. If needed, non-chlorine bleaches work best and a low iron is best.

Why did you choose to manufacture in the USA?

We know you care where your products originate and want to know that people are being treated fairly to produce them, and so do we. Safe, clean and comfortable working conditions are paramount to us - so we choose to produce right here in New York, where we know the people creating our product.

It also doesn’t hurt that domestic production cuts back on greenhouse gases and transportation miles incurred- which means your items have fewer miles to go before they get to you.

Why does is say ‘not intended for sleepwear’ on your tag?

To us, this is a good thing. It means none of our products are treated with any flame retardant chemicals or synthetics, allowing our clothing to remain Oeko-Tex certified as chemical free.

Who draws your designs and how do you choose your prints?

As a team, we brainstorm new colors, designs, and themes we’d like to see, and then our in-house illustrator Samuel brings our ideas to life. All of our prints are trademarked and can’t be found anywhere else.

We can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the next release!

Why did you choose bamboo as your fabric?

We like bamboo fabric because it is super soft and stretchy; great for active, growing babies.

Bamboo is inherently organic; it grows without fertilizers or pesticides. It is the fastest growing plant on Earth, replenishing itself quickly. And bamboo grows using only rainfall, so no irrigation is needed!

Bamboo fabric is sweat wicking and temperature regulating; keeping babies warm in winter and cool and dry on hotter days.

Wait until you feel it- it’s so soft that we want all our clothes made out of it too.