What is the best way to nurture my clothing?

We're all about making your life easy! machine wash, turn inside out if you can, wash cool, air dry for longest lasting color, or dry on low

Why 'Made in USA'?

We want you to feel good about where your Lucky Bug gear comes from.

We believe in a small supply chain, ethical conditions, and celebrating our local vendors. It's our way of keeping our footprint small - domestic production cuts back on greenhouse gases and transportation miles incurred - which means your items have fewer miles to go before they get to you.

Why is it ‘not intended for sleepwear’?

Guess what? It's a good thing! None of our products are treated with any flame retardant chemicals or synthetics, allowing our clothing to remain Oeko-Tex certified as chemical free. Everything we make is designed for play & sleep.

Who draws your designs?

We dream up colors, designs, and themes, and our in-house illustrator Samuel, brings them to life.

Every print? It's like a little work of art, trademarked and exclusive.

Why bamboo fabric?

We <3 bamboo fabric because it is organic, soft and magically stretchy, an MVP of textiles for growing babies. Our fabric is sweat-wicking, temp-controlling, and chemical-free. Wait until you feel it- it’s so soft that we want all our clothes made out of it too.

Bamboo grows inherently organic; requiring no pesticides or fertilizers, & has low water needs. Fun fact? It is the fastest growing plant on Earth… a highly regenerative resource.

Return Policy

Love your Lucky Bug? Awesome! Got an issue? No worries, reach out! We stand by our products. Embrace the small variations – it's the charm of small-batch production. Need to swap or return? Drop us an email at info@luckybugclothing.com